Welcome to Weaboo Agency!

Weaboo Agency is a web page with some features like 24/7 anime radio, file uploading service & more, we're a small team that develop open source projects for anyone to use!

However it's not all that we do, we try to keep a nice little community going on discord, so feel free to join in on that, we'd love to see you there and talk to us!

Hope you enjoy this little hobby website of ours!

Regards, Weaboo Agency Team.


Some projects are still in developement or incomplete, also future projects will be made,
these are what we have for now.

Weaboo Agency Pomf
Weaboo Agency Blog
Weaboo Agency Bot

Team Github: @weaboo-agency


You can contact us in the various ways below.

Discord: yJHjVxp

Twitter: @etcroot

The Team

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Lead Developer

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For Hire

Apply on discord

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For Hire

Apply on discord


Weaboo Radio

Temporary Source Ongaku until we make our official radio.